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One of our most requested treatments is Lip Fillers Manchester. At Paige Emilee Aesthetics, we understand that your lips are a facial feature that defines your overall look and getting them right is our highest priority.

This is why we take Lip Fillers Manchester seriously. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, which is why we use a range of techniques to give your desired look.

Whether you are looking to reduce the signs of ageing, define, add volume, or modify proportions the Paige Emilee Aesthetics team will know exactly what technique is needed to achieve your desired look.

We want you to have the service that is best for you, so if you choose Paige Emilee Aesthetics for your Lip Filler Manchester, we promise to deliver safe and professional treatment.

If you’re interested in our lip fillers Manchester treatments, carry on reading to find out more about how we can make your lip filler dreams come true. If you would like to view some of our other treatments, follow the link here.

Lip Fillers Manchester


Lip fillers Manchester, also known as lip augmentation, is a non-surgical treatment that is designed to restore shape, hydrate and add volume into the border and body of your lips.

The aim of using lip fillers is to help give your lips the look you’ve always wanted or restore them to their prime. At Paige Emilee Aesthetics, we know that your lips are one of the most defining features of your face, which is why it is important to keep your lips looking as plumb and healthy as possible.

The way we help you with your lip filler Manchester is through the use of dermal filler. Dermal filler is a long-lasting natural substance made up of hyaluronic acids that are injected into specific points of your lips to achieve your desired outcome. By giving your skin a hyaluronic acid boost, we can guarantee your lips will be left feeling soft and smooth.

We believe that lip fillers are the best possible treatment for your lips as they are long-lasting but not permanent. Not only can lip fillers change your shape and volume but they can also help prevent the signs of ageing. We can control your lip volume.


At Paige Emilee Aesthetics, we believe that everybody is different when it comes to the way they would like their lips to look. We cater to this by offering a number of different techniques that each help achieve a different look.

The first of our lip fillers Manchester techniques is the Paige Emilee Signature. Across her time in the industry, Paige has developed her own signature style and technique that will leave your lips looking pristine. This treatment is top secret and a special service at Paige Emilee Aesthetics so if you would like to know more about this lip filler Manchester treatment, contact us or book your free consultation today.

The Paige Emilee Signature was developed to achieve a “Plump and full” result. That’s all we’ll give away for now, but we’re very eager to share more if you’re interested!

Lip Filler Manchester
Russian Lip Fillers Manchester

The second of our technique is our Russian Technique. The Russian Lip Filler Technique has become extremely popular, it is designed to accentuate your cupid’s bow, adding volume and lift to the centre of your lips.

The main standout of a Russian technique is the injection of the filler vertically into the lips to create a peak point in your lips. This allows the side of your lips to still be in line with your face, which gives your lips a more luscious peak. The Russian lip filler technique allows your lips to still look natural and fresh whilst also giving you that baby-doll look that we all love.

Our Russian lip fillers technique is great for those who are looking for a heart shape in their lips. If you want to learn more about our Russian technique, contact us today or book your free consultation session.

The final technique we offer is our Natural Technique. With the natural lip fillers technique, we enhance the natural shape of your lips by creating a strong definition of your cupid’s bow and vermillion border.

The aim of the natural lip fillers technique is to help increase the overall look and shape of your lips, helping them to look plump whilst keeping a natural shape. We recommend our natural lip fillers technique for those people who want to enhance and define their lip shape and want to restore or prevent the signs of ageing.


The process for lip fillers Manchester is very simple and we can administer all of our treatments quickly without any trouble. At Paige Emilee Aesthetics, we prioritise your safety and your satisfaction. This is why you will be involved in every decision-making process along the way. From your first consultation meeting to your aftercare plan, you will have a say in every decision that we make. After all, they are your lips we will be treating!

The first step in the process is your consultation. Once you contact us, we can book you a consultation meeting with Paige to discuss your potential lip fillers treatment. Whether you have a desired look in mind or if you want to leave your lovely lips in our hands, Paige will discuss with you the benefits and risks of treatment and advise you on how much dermal filler is required and the techniques required to get your desired look.

If you aren’t sure which treatment would be best for you and you would like some advice, Paige can talk you through each of our treatments in more detail so together you can figure out which treatment would be best for your lips.

Your consultation session will involve Paige learning about you and your desired look. Paige will run through the techniques she can use, everything you need to know about your lip fillers treatment from safety to aftercare.

Once your assessment has been carried out and ideas have been discussed, you can book in for treatment. Your session will last for approximately one hour. The treatment will only take around 15 minutes but we allocate you a 1-hour slot so we can settle you in, prepare you for your treatment and then make sure everything is fine after treatment.

Before your treatment, we will apply a numbing cream to your lips so that you don’t feel any pain during the process. Once your lips have been numbed and you are comfortable, Paige can begin administering the dose.

Once your dermal filler has been administered and your treatment has finished, Paige will walk you through your aftercare plan. At Paige Emilee Aesthetics, it is our goal to educate the customer on their treatment to make sure they are fully aware of every step in the process.

Your aftercare will be tailored to your personal experience. This is why we allocate an extended session because Paige will spend time making sure you understand your personal aftercare plan.

Lip fillers aren’t a permanent procedure, so your treatment will need to be repeated a short while after your initial dose has been administered. One sitting of dermal fillers can last around 2-3 months depending on a number of factors including levels of exercise and hydration. When you reach this point, you might need a top-up to keep your lips looking plump and fresh. Whilst these are general timescales for further injections, the frequency of your top-ups may vary depending on your lifestyle.

That is the outline for lip fillers Manchester treatment at Paige Emilee Aesthetics. It is a very simple process that is easy to understand with outstanding results. Paige is a specialist when it comes to delivering lip filler treatment and she will make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

Our Lip Fillers Manchester Clinic

If you are interested in our lip fillers Manchester services, book an appointment with us today. If you want to learn about our other treatments, you can view our range of treatments here.


Lip augmentation beforeLip augmentation after
Augmentation beforeAugmentation after
Before Lip AugmentationAfter Lip Augmentation


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our lip fillers Manchester treatment.

Are there any side effects that come with Lip Filler treatment?2022-02-17T12:44:04+00:00

There is a list of side effects that can occur when you have lip filler treatment. Paige has undergone intense training on how to treat any potential side effects. Some of the most common side effects patients experience include:

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

The symptoms can last up to 14 days after your treatment but should be easily treated. There are some more uncommon side effects that can occur, but these can also be easily treated if they are spotted. Some of these side effects include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Lumps
  • Infection
  • Severe Swelling

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact Paige immediately so she can help sort out your symptoms. Whilst we cannot guarantee immunity from any symptoms, we promise to make your treatment as safe as possible.

How much does Lip Filler cost?2022-02-17T12:42:27+00:00

The price of your lip filler treatment varies depending on the dosage of your dermal filler. The price of your treatment varies from £90-£150. For a full price list of all our treatments, follow the link here so you can get an idea of how much you will be paying for your treatment.

Is Lip Filler Safe?2022-02-17T12:41:28+00:00

Our lip filler injections are completely safe and all proven to be a convenient and easy way to help you achieve the lips that you want. Paige is a qualified nurse and she has many years of experience in the medical industry. She has picked up a vast range of knowledge and skills working in different departments of the NHS and she is a professional who always puts her customers need first. The lip filler Manchester process is safe and is conducted by a reliable professional.


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